Monday, July 28, 2008

I got my visa!

I have my visa! It was pretty much pain free to get it other than the big blister on my right foot.

So today I hoped on the GO Train got to Union Station. Got a taxi, arrived at 2 Bloor Street West it turns out to be a CIBC building, so I thought the address was screwed up turns out it wasn't. Went on the 18th floor office 1801 and there I was in the General Consulate of Chile. Sounded pretty sophisticated for the little dumpy office I was in. I just had to give my documents to the nice lady then fill out a super simple form. They didn't even want my parents signatures or where I was staying or nothing it was pretty ridiculous. I was then told to go do something and pay a bill to waste time for the next 45 minutes. So I paid the bill of $137.00. Went underground found a shoppers got a drink and some fruit-to-go haha. Waited for the pay phone which some guy was hogging, got to the phone realized long distance was 3.70 grrrr (I lost my cellphone that's why I'm kicking it old school with the pay phones) So I didn't call my mom. Then some Starbucks lady came out with little free samplers of a caramel frappachino it was so yummy and just the right size. So went back to the office gave them the paid bill, then they got my fingerprints (I feel like a criminal haha) then she goes sign these 4 pages in blue ink (sound familiar anyone?). Then she stamped some random things in my passport then on my sheets to get through immigration. Then I was done! She gave me some touristy brochures as well. I then had to walk back from Bloor, through Queens Park untill I reached Front Street it was a beautiful day, I got to Front Street and a bird pooped on my head, not pleasant.So I had to find a leaf to wipe it off. Got to Union, got on a train 30 seconds later it left. (just in time). I then realized I had this massive blister on my foot, lovely.

So all in all it took just under 5 hours to go from Burlington, obtain a visa, and come back. Pretty good I think and pretty easy I thought.