Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have antibiotics, why, because I got horribly sick. It was unpleasant to say the least.

It started Thursday, thinking that my 20minutes to dry my hair in the sun was a little too much for my skin I went inside feeling a little woozy. (In the morning I had already noticed the swollen lump on the left side of the neck, but it happens a lot at home so I thought nothing too much of it) I had a nice little nap and woke up feeling worse. By the time I went to bed and started to sleep I had quite the fever, not thinking of waking up my host parents to get some pills I just suffered through the night with intense cold chills and then intense hot flashes (no its not menopause). The morning came and someone finally heard my calls from my door, and I got juice and ibuprofen, and my host mom suggested that we go to the doctor before it got worse on the weekend when she didn't work.

At the doctor I got examined and got asked basic questions. She was set that in the past I had tonsilitis but I just didn't understand the word in Spanish which is basically the same word in both Spanish and English. But she presricibed me some anitbiotics, but at this point I was still able to walk around a bit and still had some strength. The ibuprofen still working I ate some lunch and spent the day in my bed with my laptop and internet, once the meds wore off it wasn't as pleasant. I started to get my fever back and getting dehydrated. I was only allowed ibuprofen every 6-8 hours and only one tablet so after Friday morning the ibuprofen they gave me did nothing noticable for me, I spent Friday with a fever, and a jug of water beside my bed because we had no juice or chiken broth which I so longed for. Friday night was brutal, but not as bad as Thursday. I also had my first dose of amoxocilin.

Saturday morning brought nothing good, and my neck and back were sore from my lumpy pillow and the body isn't supposed to lie down for that long. I had troubles going to the bathroom since I was so dizzy, and I didn't feel like eating. Saturday was all fever and more meds. My host dad asked if I was able to go out to a b-day party with them, here I am lying in bed with crumpled hair, hadn't had a shower in a couple of days, sweating, and tired and he asks me that. I was surprised. Sunday morning seemed promising and my fever was down really low, I even had a sandwhich and had some breakfast, by the time 3pm hit I had my ultime fever at 104 F it was my bodys last fighting kick at the bacteria or something, it was bad, my host parents didn't know what to do but give me my anitbiotics early and have more juice on my table.

(Apparently that night they had a party in the other house for one of their friends b-day which half of my friends were there! I didn't know and my friends didn't come see me :( but they said it would be really weird trying to find me, meh)

Monday I had no fever, the main goal was regaining my strength and not holding onto the walls when I walked. I ate, and now I am all better, just thanking that it didn't happen before my big south trip on Sunday.


emmaelizabeth said...

awwww i feel bad that you were sick!!
but you are better now and that's the good thing!


Jared Stryker said...

Wow, sounds heavy.
Good luck for with your trip!

Erica said...

you sick little muffin. im glad you got better. it sucks being sick somewhere else without the things you know will help you. did they figure out what it was? or just that you were sick...

love youu