Saturday, April 18, 2009


So, lately I haven´t been updating my blog. I have a reason.
And nope my excuse is not that  I have no time, which I do, even though school and the bus ride back and forth to school is ridicolousy long.
Mainly, I have been having limited internet and I do believe that checking up on my e-mails and important things on facebook, so this blog has been on my lower priorities.
But, when I do have some time I´ll fill you in on the past two and a half months.

However, I did just come back from Easter Island, it was awesome.


Jared Stryker said...

I shall await in eagerness.

emmaelizabeth said...

SHE LIVES!!!!!!!!!!!!

i agree with jared.

Anonymous said...

i miss you times like a million
and im doing a business assignment about chile! im gonna put your post card on there, can i pull your blog up as well?
im glad you are having fun!
did you get my postcard?

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie...glad to see you are back on here again....I am sure that Great Grandma is really missing your entries. Also happy to see birthday pictures of my little girl turning into an adult. I remember talking to you online that day when all your friends showed and miss you like crazy...Mommy