Saturday, June 21, 2008

Everyone is Leaving, sort of thing...

It's been a wild couple weeks due to going-away parties, and the end of the school year all in one. Of course you try to squeeze in everything just to make it to that last party because you know you're not going to see that person for a long time, so the homework gets pushed back just for a little bit longer, and that's fine with me!

Karoliina's party was the first weekend of June, and almost everyone came to it which was awesome. We all had a great time, got caught in the rain, took soooo many pictures, had A LOT of hugs and goodbyes.

Then the next weekend I went to Carla's party because she is going to leave for Ecuador soon after her Cross Canada Trip. So a few of us went over in Mississauga to have a nice visit maybe stay for the night. Turns out we stayed until the next Sunday night since no one wanted to leave!

Oh man, Oh man, we had some crazy times like, jumping into an unheated pool at 12am (it was cold) taking underwater pictures, watching "Love Actually" and only Mark and me staying awake to watch it. All of us huddled in a little room, most of us on the floor, trying to sleep (I was smart and went and found a bed upstairs haha). The next morning swimming again! Until the rain kicked us out. Massages, tickling Anto until he could barely breathe. It was just such a fun weekend. Oh how could I forget Botcheball (Lawn Bowling) and signing all those Canadian flags.

I wished it could have gone on forever it was just so awesome!

On the note of leaving, my ticket has been booked, I leave August 23rd at 2:35pm.

Sooo excited, a little nostalgic, but totally looking forward to it.

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