Monday, June 2, 2008

Host-Family & School Info

I am still an outbound and still in pre-departure mode, which means that this blog isn't too exciting yet. But, I can at least tell you about my hostfamily. This family is massive! Literally. Here they are;

Jorge - 78 Host-grandfather
Fernando - 46 Host-Dad
Consuelo - 46 Host-Mom
Jose - 20 Host Brother (in university studying music)
Consuelo - 18 Host Sister (in university studying obstetrics)
Javier - 17 Host Brother (he is going on exchange in the U.S)
Victoria - 6 Host Sister
Jaime - 5 Host Brother
Rafaela - 3 Host Sister

I am excited, see I wasn't lying BIG family. Like the age difference in the kids? ahaha. I don't really know much more about them, just that they're super excited to have me!

School. Well, the name of my school is called "English College" I ain't joking! But don't be fooled it's not an all english school, I might spend an hour or less learning english a day. I think most of that hour will be spent looking over the other student's reports. Oh, and I have a uniform, I might be wearing I tie and a shirt/dress. We'll see!

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jaredstryker said...

There's a name that starts with "J" for every other person there...and two Consueloses. Wow.

English College sounds like they'll be a creative bunch, judging by the name...