Friday, January 30, 2009

Feliz Navidad


Well, it was surely different.

The day was hot, sunny and of course not a single cloud insight, and there was just no magic in the Christmas it felt like any summer day in Chile. Except on the radio they had english christmas carols playing and there was a tiny plastic tree in the living room with no special family ornaments.

At around 11pm the family sat down for Christmas dinner which wasn't too unlike some lunches we have, except for the homemade apple sauce, the rest was chicken, seafood, bread, salads, and corn. Everyone had finished dinner earlier than any other meal I had ever seen them eat, and at 12pm the kids were allowed to open their presents from Santa Claus. Everyone had one or two presents and no more for Christmas and then everyone talks and drinks in the night. I was already dead tired and decided to have some pisco with the family to celebrate and to make me go to sleep faster. The next morning I brought all my presents to bed with me and opened them up (I opened the presents from my Nana one month later when the package finally was able to be picked up even though it arrived Dec 19 ...weons en la oficina) My family was doing nothing for Christmas Day and I actually went over to my friends house for Christmas Day and had lunch with his family.

It seemed so weird that in a family orientated country that Christmas was so "lazy" about spending time together, I would have thought that the whole family would be together for the two days but instead I spent more time with my friend. It was just really different and I was secretly hoping for my snow, and the magic of Christmas ... which there just isn't any when you can see your presents Christmas Eve, there is just something special when they all appear at once in the morning and your stocking as well (which by the way they dont have stockings either) and snow falling down, and the chimeny going, having hot chocolate and being able to wear slippers and your new christmas pyjamas.


emmaelizabeth said...

i know what you mean about christmas
it was just not the same here.
i think the CHRISTMAS extent of my day was secret santa :) that's really about it.. we didn't even want to listen to christmas carols

Erica said...

that's poopy. christmas should be a fantastic time! but ah, its all part of the experience i suppose. you're experiencing christmas chile-style. I'm sorry I didnt' send you a christmas present or anything, I totally didn't even think about it. I didn't really get any of my friends gifts. haha. Oh, and alex is offended that he didn't get his christmas card. he said he wrote it in your planner thing. :) ahahah. Oh well.