Monday, January 12, 2009

Por Fin.

Por Fin or finally.

The 6th and last day of the trip, which was in Punta Arenas and there was a lot of confusion, it is always the big joke that the Rotarians always take the wrong path and two minutes later we are re-tracing our steps. Before we boarded our plane at night we decided to climb a "hill" so to speak while it was raining.

We first started going up part way on the bus, where it decided to drop us off we were told this was a "japenese garden" we were all thinking it would be cute little plants and bonzai trees with maybe some ponds in the mix. It didn't look like that at all. It was evergreen trees everywhere and it was not a garden it was a reserve. We started going up the hill and came to a cross road and the Rotarians eventually said go left so we all start going and my little group of people were lazy today and decided to walk in the back of the pack where we noticed that the Rotarians were still debating if left was actually the right way to go. So my group stops while everyone else moves ahead, which was a nice 20 minutes break. The Rotarians decide it's fine and we have to start moving we get to another cross road and decide to go left again but we couldn't see anyone else from the group. The Rotarians tell us to head back since we went the wrong way, .......we spent how long going up and we went the wrong way and worse yet the rest of the people are too far up to notice. We eventually go all the way back down, and take the right turn and the rest of the exchangers finally notice to come back. We then got in trouble for going ahead of the Rotarians.....ooooops, not me, I was too lazy to walk that fast. So we headed off again, and it starts to rain, and the hill turns more into a mountain to me, and people slip and hurt knees but we reach the top thinking that we are done there was a whole lot more....going down I slipped into mud and had a huge mud stain right all on the side of my butt. Paul decided this was funny which it was, he rushed over to help me up, which I said he was supposed to do that before I fell and to catch me ahaha. If only, then I wouldn't have been dirty. We finally get to the road and walk down but with the steep altitude it wasn't an enjoyable decent it actually hurt your knees a lot, and we all ran down the grass hill making it to the end. We were wet, dirty, sweaty and tired.
At night we finally boarded our plane, and it turns out the under 18 Chilean boys soccer team was on our flight as well. I switched with one of the players and I got to sit beside Kate (NZ) and I wrote basically 30 x-mas cards in 3 hours. Also Fred from Denmark was behind me and was sleeping. Now twice during the bus Fred decided to get a capful of water and dump it in my mouth (since my mouth is open when I sleep) and every time I wake up disturbed and water everywhere. This was my chance, and Kate has it on video. I got my water, filled the cap, and right at the exact moment Fred actually moved his head upwards (It was originally hanging off to the left) his mouth wasn't open, but who cared and bored it down. He woke up so fast, ripping hs hat off and swearing at the camera. It was awesome revenge! When we got off the plane I gave everyone their letters, and we got our suitcases and left with our families at like 2am.


Jared Stryker said...

Haha, I'd love to see that video sometime.

Anonymous said...

Hi ^^... is not fare... u knew the south and now u'll get back... I envy u T_T... I wanna gooo...