Monday, August 25, 2008

Chilly in Chile

I went to the airport on the 23rd and along came my brother, my mom, my dad, and Hayley. By the time I had to go through customs I was sobbing and the lady at U.S customs was confused, out came my sobs about how I had to leave my family. She didn't care haha. But it was the fastest time I had ever gone through U.S customs they didn't even need the form saying that my parents agreed to let me travel to Chile. Apparently a student visa was good enough. The plane was tiny like super tiny I hit my head on the ceiling. My carryons were so heavy and it turns out that the AirTrain that would take me to my next terminal was sooooooo far away. As in I was sweating by the time I got there. Once I reached terminal 4 it was chaos there was no order and I couldn't figure out where to go. It turns out I had to get a new plane ticket (who the hell knows why when I had one already) then I had some McDonalds, and went through security again. I waited for my plane and that was it. LAN Airlines was probably the best I've flown. I didn't have to pay for my pillow and blanket (damn you Air Canada) and was served dinner and breakfast.
I was offered vino several times though ^^ (don't worry Rotary I refused I was much more intrigued by the milk that tasted more like creme) I had two seats to my self as well as double the pillows and blankets, and a heartfelt movie to go along (Sex & the City). I got to sleep, seeing as the plane finally took off at 9pm instead of 8pm and I arrive in Santiago at 6:50am. SO the flight was rather good. I got off, went through customs in a flash (cripes coming into Canada is harder even being a citizen). I came outside the area and was pestered by a couple of taxi drivers (which I was warned)I hopelessy looked for my host-family so I wouldn't be bothered in Spanish anymore, I then saw my consellor Sofia. For 5 minutes I waited with her, my host parents were late because of the thick fog that was in the valley of Santiago, and even driving home was a challenge to see 2 metres in front of you.

The cold was a nice change compared to Ontario's humidity. But after a while I was "tengo frio".
We got to a dirt road that twists and had huge puddles, we get to a gate that we had to open. The property has 3 houses, and is not a farm but a RANCH (Brett it is a ranch not a farm!!!) I met everyone and had breakfast not that I had much of an appetite. Then I had a nap.

Everyone in Canada questioned me about bringing soooo many sweaters GOOD THING! Because the houses here don't have central heating so if it's 5 -10 C outside its the same in the house. You wake up and your breath frosts in the air. I must admit for winter it is warm but it makes up by being cold in the house as well.

First thing I noticed was that no one took off their shoes in the house, being in Canada its a courtesy to take them off. But seeing as the whole house is tiled I could see why it wouldn't make a difference, anyhow I had to get into my moccasins because my inner Dad was saying how much of a mess that would make. My first sentence was probably Tengo Frio! I woke up with my toes like popsicles, and thats what I said all day. When I woke up I went outside (where it was much warmer and almost hot) and I played with the younger kids, and played some soccer. We had the family's first asado after the winter for me because I had arrived. Asado is a barbecue but not like a really fancy barbecue more like a standing pit with coals on it and a grill top on top.

Chileans love to eat! I eat so little compared to them (it might be because of stress) but I don't eat too much anyhow. Everytime I finish I get "really you're full?" "Si satisfecha" (yes, I am full)
it is quite funny. I had to have another nap and did nothing much for the rest of the day but watched Los Padrinos Magicos (Fairy Godparents cartoon) with the younger kids, couldn't follow it even though I have seen that episode. I then had "once" which happens after 9pm its like a midnight snakc but not at midnight and consists of tea and bread. My host-brother Jose started teaching my Spanish because he is fluent in English so it is easier for him to explain things to me. But I did read an article in the newspaper about how the Chilean soccer team "Colo-Colo" was getting rid of their coach since he is doing a crappy job so they were explaing what his options are. I thought I did pretty good at reading it. I think my first day went alright, even if my emotions were raging and I felt pretty homesick.

I started reading my only english book and was wayyy to far into it I think I might want to savour it.

In Chile you wear lots and lots of layers because in the morning and at night you are freezing and I neede a hot water bottle, but during the day you are almost boiling.

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