Wednesday, August 13, 2008


The last two weeks I have been in British Columbia visiting my grandparents and other relatives and friends. While I was there I was hard at work making host family gifts. Needless to say when I arrived there my suitcase was merely 20 pounds (the suitcase weighs 12 lbs by itself) and when I got home the suitcase was 49 pounds, and that's with putting 1/3 of the jam and probably a 5 pound piece of fudge in my brothers suitcase.
Brett (the bro), my great grandma and me...

I did go to this pretty awesome extreme tree climbing place. Basically your doing obstacles 50 feet in the air with two carabeaners holding you in place!

This would be my brother....

And now I have like 9 days not even, and I have way too much stuff to do!!!

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