Thursday, August 28, 2008

School - English College


"I woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head" - Beatles

I did something similiar, but I also put on this ABSOLUTELY stunning uniform, and I must say I made the tie look uber hot. hahaha. uh huh as if. The shoes are worse though as in, ugly, black,
big mary jane shoes

I was driven to school by Tety (my older host-sister) and I was escorted up to my class "4 Medio E" I was greeted by Marcelo (Chelo), & Nacho my host-cousin. It was awkward entering the classroom with no friends but it was only awkward for like 10 seconds. I had my seat and then the people began to come.....

In Chile to greet anyone you do like a side kiss on their right cheek. So that was happening a lot.

Eventually I had a mini crowd around me which Chelo pointed out to me, seemed odd to me. But alas, I kept talking in my Spanglish and everyone else was told to speak in english or in spanish but very very slowly. Not too many people knew english, I thought it was weird for an english school haha. But Jose did warn me. I did talk to David who lived in Florida so he was fluent in english and for a little while he translated some things that I couldn't even possibly try to say in spanish, but he didn't have to translate too much seeing as how I have prefected the art of spanglish with sign language too ^^ ahahahhah. It was awhile in class when I noticed the teacher hadn't even started a lesson plan, apperently we do nada (nothing) in most class just a few do we actually do anything. I can do this :) ahaha

Here is how my day went.....

Spanish Class - Nada
Math Class - Nada (I was taken down to see my host uncle and his wife, it was really good I understood them and everything, and they even said my spanish was really good hurrah!)
Historia - Writing notes, but I don't know what she said so I practiced spanish
Historia - More notes....
Filosofia - Copying Mime's notes and the teacher looks like John Lennon no kidding and he has a scratchy beard so when you have to do that side kiss thing your cheek itches afterwards haha
Religion - Nada
English - Nada, the teacher showed up like half way through the class and then said "Vamos" so the next class of math was skipped as well hahaha. This may be the reason why no one knows english hahaha.

But, for the most part I was talking to my classmates who were trying so hard to talk to me! :)
So I met...

Mime: she is very nice and tries really hard in school, and was very helpful in showing me around the school and helping me to practice my english.

Carmen: Very quiet, but was helpful in showing me around the school

Geraldine: Very nice as well, helpful, and was very good at explaining things in spanglish with me

Chelo: Very nice, and is such a sweetheart

David: Translated a lot of things, I can think at the end of the day he was bothered by people pestering him and him being the human english-to-spanish dictionary.

Nacho: Well, everyone says he is stupid, and he looks like a wannabe gangster in his uniform a.ka. he tries to wear his pants low hahahahha.

There was some other people but I didn't really talk to them too long to get to know them too well.

Apparently my classmates think I am very nice, and even charismatic. Think I was smiling enough? haha Overall it was amazing and they even told Lulo (my host brother in Pennsylvania) that I was nice. I think I did very well then. :)

I shall get some pictures with me in that hot uniform hahaha!

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Erica said...

ahaha. I know I'm so far behind, but im catching up right now, and leaving comments as I go.
It's so cute that you have a little translator man! I'm glad you made some friends. I wish school here was as easy as it is for you!