Friday, September 19, 2008

Indpendence Day

Chile's Independence Day. September 18th.

It started out on a Wednesday afternoon with my washing patio chairs for our family BBQ.
The kids were playing with their kites (which many times got stuck in trees where I would fetch them out for them) my brother starting the BBQ (which works with coals) and the rest of the family making the lunch.

We cooked sausages and beef, had avocados, rice, potatoes, and bread. My host parents had pisco and pepsi. Picso is Chile's National drink, it is very similiar to rum.

We all ate outside at the table at my brothers house, and sat there almost until the sun set.
I was even "responsible" enough, and had the trust in my host parents to even have a glass of pisco and pepsi. (Cultural Learning) It felt so good to be trusted. Seeing as how I have always had the trust from my parents, so it felt very good to earn it from people who used to be strangers to me.

Later on, me and Jose had to go pick up some alcohol for his party that was happening at night, so we picked up his friends and headed for El Monte to this little hole in the wall (all places that sell alcohol that are not in the supermarket are little dingy hole in the walls) and we picked up 20L of Pinepedo?? some sort of wine/pisco mixture. It came in dusty glass jugs from like the pirates of the carribean. This "stuff" was to make a very popular drink here in Chile called "terremoto" translated it means Earthquake. And I can see why seeing as how its a mixture of everything put into a big pot. Pinepedo, pisco, pineapple icecream, pop, sometimes wine. It's pretty distrubing on the stomach I would imagine. We also picked up coke and a jug of wine why? to make Jote. Jote is basically Coke and Wine put together. The Chileans love their wine, and they also love their pop such as Coke. So I believe someone had the idea that putting their two favourite drinks together would make an ultimate super drink. I think not. I smelt it and I almost wanted to puke. Somethings just arn't meant to be together.

The party was really good, and I went to bed at 6am which is considered early....
and again "gringa can dance".......also people speak better english when they are drinking ahah
so it was a lot easier for me to talk to everyone as well as everyones spanish was slower and reduced to fewer words.


Anonymous said...

Love your!

Erica said...

aww, you called him your brother. cute!
people are always more willing to speak another language when drunk. It's not even that they speak better, they are just more confident with the stuff they already know. :)
just make sure everyone is drunk when you hang out with them and you won't have any problems!