Saturday, September 6, 2008

ZOMG! A Gringa can dance?

Last night was my first party (Carrete) in Chile!

And lets just say the dancing is....different.

I got to the party at around 7pm when it started at 6pm....but no one was really there. We had to go to the supermarket and get some food to cook for the night anyways. By the time it was 8pm still no on was really there. We got the barbecue started...whichis really a brick area where you put hot coals on and the grill can move up or down. Not many people showed up until around 12am to 1am. That is considered early ahaha.

This would be the BBQ

So we ate grilled hot dogs, and sausages in bread basically a classier version of a hot dog.

I then went inside with the girls to get some music...this is where the dancing began.

Reggaton a perosnal favourite of most Chileans were playing so I started to dance, turns out I can dance! Also turns out it is a big surprise if I a gringa can dance, and also a bigger surprise that a girl can dance as well. Seeing as how in Chile apparently the girl does the awkward shuffle and the guy does all the fancy hip movements and actual dancing.

So, a gringa taught the Chilean girls how to dance. I thought it was going to be the other way around. I also did the "gringa dance" just for them ahah. And I got "ohhh yeah that is the gringa dance we thought you would do ahahha". So I taught them how to move their hips, and do certain footsteps and how to shake your butt (I was taught this in gym class by a bellydancer).

I also taught a small amount of guys that didn't know how to dance at all either, it was quite hilarious. I tried to dance with some guys that were apparently good dancers but I guess I freaked them out with my dance moves because they are so used to the girl being a swaying pole on the dance floor. But after the guys had a few drinks and loosened up by 2 -3 am I was able to dance with some of them. It seems quite weird to have guys that actually dance and move their hips and actually move when dancing seeing as in Canada the common dance is to move your foot from side to side, if you are a guy at least.

The dancing is also very close, but not ranchy at all....I think North America needs to be taught this. Seeing as how dancing consists of only grinding and very rarely to the beat. Ahaha

The gringa from Canada, taught latinos how to dance....who'd have thought that?


Fay :) said...

sounds like you're having fun!

Erica said...

you are an amazing kid. bellydancing for your hot chilean buddies :P