Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Never Until I went to Chile

I have never __________until my exchange to Chile.

seen soo many stray dogs
not worn a seatbelt in a car
had a fence, and a gate around the house
had a maid (Mom & Dad even though you think you count as one, you don't)
drank so much tea in my life
ate so much bread
taught people how to dance
danced to Reggaton
have been told that "I am sooo beautiful" by soo many people, everyday
had someone shout "Taylor, I love you!" in the middle of class
had an empanada
had no heating in the house
had to wear a uniform at school
had talked in Spanglish
wore long johns
wore two pairs of everything and a hoodie to bed
wore socks in bed
seen the toilet flush counter-clockwise
ate cow tongue
worked a gas stove
not had a microwave in the house
hung dried ALL my clothes
stayed up until 6am to party
saw the sunset and sunrise in the same day
worn my shoes in the house
had young siblings
learned how to start an asado
danced the cueca
had a mini fanclub when I play soccer
take more pizza at pizza hut then I could take at the buffet so my friends could wrap it up and give it to the people on the streets. 4 1/2 slices was my limit but I was given 8 slices to eat.
been okay with peole smoking around me
been offered to smoke so much
heard a peacock "cry" (it sounds like a cat meowing)
thought that 60 cents is way to expensive for a chocolate bar
been able to buy chocolate bars for 20 cents
had mayo, and yogurt and other products come in bags
had to listen to the teacher pray before class
not heard annoucements or the national anthem at school
had one day have mountians everywhere, and the next day look like there are no mountains due to the winter smog
lived near vineyards
lived in the country
had opposite seasons
thought that on a winter day it was warm and I better put on a T-shirt
had seen sooo many mullets!!!


Anonymous said...

I think this is my favourite entry that you have done so far.....love mommy!!!

Suzy Q said...

I love this, I might do one fo my own later.

Anonymous said...

So you never complain about being cold in your house in Burlington again! Put a hoodie and socks on.

Erica said...

haha. I'm coming to crash one of your classes next year and yelling "I LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!"

ew. cow tongue. ick! was it any good?

haha. mullets.