Monday, September 1, 2008


Youngins (Young ins) some slang I call young little kids I don't know why.

I live with a 6 year old girl, a 5 year old boy, and a 3 year old girl.

They can be ohhhhh....little (monsters) balls of fun hahah

(All the nicknames given are from the Dad not me)

Victoria is considered the introverted one, and quote "is pretty and stays quiet" ahah

Jaime is the "hurricane"

Rafa is the "monster" one day at lunch she desperately wanted an avocado, when she got it she cried because she didn't want it, then when we took it away she cried because she wanted it again. Finally we brought out some salt for the avocado and then she was happy. Haha

Yesterday, I was surprised by Rafa coming into my room with pink glitter smeared across her entire face, me thinking hmmm should we wash it off I get reassurance that this is a common occurence, so don't worry. Then Jaime enters as well and well, they find a roll of gum I brought with me (Hubba Bubba 2 meters long sort of gum) them being kids were enamoured by the thought of gum (chiclets) espcially since it came in this huge roll. I swear you could give them something bigger and fancier and gum would still be there favourite thing.

Children are curious.

And well, my room is full of unusual things. So, of course everything is questioned "Que es esto?" "What is this?" and I have to be more careful completely forgetting that kids are like cats they get into things and don't really know what they are doing at the time.

Cats jump into walls, kids will eat something and 5 seconds later realize it wasn't food.

Last night was hilarious! I showed them my camera and took a couple of photos of them seeing as I haven't really taken any here (don't kill me!). This turned into a frenzy of them wanting to use the camera, and then getting photos done, THEN I showed them that it took videos OMG what a big fat mistake! It turned into a riot. I had a one second video of me holding Rafa and bouncing her around and Rafa and Jaime kept replaying it on my computer over, and over, and over, and over somemore. They just couldn't stop giggling. I finally got a video of Rafa giggling because it sounds so funny, and it is so potent of happiness.

I forgot that kids were crazy!

Jaime & Rafa note the pink make-up

The videos I will try to upload somewhere on this page. One will be the one second one of me bouncing around, the other will be Rafa giggling!


Charles said...

I just went through so much to get an account so i could post this hilarious thingy on your account with the cool kidz but it has taken me so long that i forget it! oh well,
love from charlez

Erica said...

haha. kiddieees! i love them. love them all :) so easily entertained.