Monday, September 15, 2008

Piercings Chilena Style

How to get a piercing Chilena style.

First, you walk around downtown trying to find the cheapest place that will pierce your ears. Usually piercings can cost between 500 - 1000 pesos basically $1 - $2.

Second, the person who will pierce your ears will hand you a blue pen. Why? So you can mark where you want the earring. You do this by yourself in a tiny mirror with maybe some advice from a friend.

Third, the person presses a button on the ear gun and bang you have a piercing.

This Chilena Style is free of all the gimicks of North American piercing. Who needs hydrogen peroxide or any disinfectant whatsoever. Or any cleaning to the piercing gun isn't all too necessary either. (I saw the lady pierce two of my friends one after another and didn't clean anything)

The whole time all I could think of was how my aunt (who is an esthecian and used to pierce ears, and is very anal about cleanliness) would absoultely die if she saw this!

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Erica said...

so getting a piercing? not such a good idea. :)