Monday, September 22, 2008

The Sun Sets and Rises on a Month

The sun sets and the sun rises last Sunday, it marked the finish of my 4th week in Chile

How I saw the sunset and sunrise is a different story.

On the Saturday the family had to go to my Host-Grandma's House for a lunch with the Dieguez family to come together for the holiday. We talked around a little table drinking Chicha (Sweet wine that hasn't been fermented as long) and cheese empanadas. The empanadas were delicious. A cheese empanada is usually fried bread (whereas meat empanadas have normal bread) with melted cheese on the inside. We then all sat down for lunch. Everyone who came was;

Fernando & Consuelo - My host parents

Jose, Tety, Victoria, Jaime, & Rafa - My host siblings

Sonya & Tonio - My host aunt and uncle

Tonio, Nacho, Gabi & Felipe (the bf) - My host cousins + host cousins bf

My host Grandma, her boyfriend, and the Great Grandma

This is the Dieguez family, so my host mom's family

The whole family just sat and talked for the longest time, and having tea can take up to an hour.

The sun was starting to set (Jose was sleeping on the grass trying to get some snooze time in because he was going to go out that night, and he stayed up to at least 7am every morning for the past 3 nights) when the sun set we had "once" so more tea and some donuts!!! I was understanding most of the conversations in Spanish and was even speaking some Spanish. Although I do still talk in english a lot but sometimes it works because some of my family members are studying english in university, so they can understand when I talk they just can't reply back. Which sounds like my situation but in Spanish. Although I do speak spanish in school.

When we got home, Jose & Tety were going to the "Fondas" and they invited me along. The Fondas is like the Chilean version of a fair. Except you go there at night, and people drink a lot.

I was with Jose, and his friends that I play soccer with. We played lots of Fuzball and they were surprised that I have played it before. They all thought it was a Chilean thing, same with Churros they didn't believe that we had them in Canada as well. We sat down for a couple of hours and had meat kabobs and they had a few pitchers of terremoto, it looked like someone peed in their glass ahah. Needless to say I was supposed to take care of them, but another person I knew hung out with us Naima. We walked around a lot but eventually found a place we liked to dance, and they charged us $10 to get in for four people plus a pitcher of Chicha, we were in their for 20 minutes when they closed the place down, ahaha. We eventually started to head out this was around 5am. We had a guy come up to Naima and me and tell us that we were the most beautiful women at the Fondas that night (Naima is half Swiss so she looks like a gringa too) Even people that I meet (friends of friends) think that I am 19years old, and can't believe that I am 17! We were about to leave when Tety's (very drunk) friend wanted to leave with this (very creepy) guy. Tety has a very strong personality and wouldn't let her friend leave, it took 5 times but eventually her friend left. Tety was so angry.

Even when we were walking to our car, she had to hold onto my jacket because she was scared that the drunk guys would try to do something. We left just after 5am and we dropped a few people off, then had to check up on her friend, eventually she agreed to come with us, after she was at the guy's house. By the time we got home it was just after 6am.

At the house I could see the sun rise over the Andes, the same one I saw set in the ocean that night. I had realized that it was Sunday and that I had been in Chile for a month now.

Have I changed? I am sure I have....but I haven't noticed the changes yet.

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emmaelizabeth said...

you will notice it sooner or later
or else people will start telling you that you talk differently.. my host mom told me the other day that i look "fresher" than i did when i got here.